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Things You Should Know About Domestic Rabbit Care


Things You Should Know About Domestic Rabbit Care

Your cat depends on you to take care of it, and a large part of that involves how you house your pet rabbit. Whether your lifestyle is more active or settled, you can easily adapt it to provide your pet with an environment which keeps both your house and furnishings secure and allows your bunny to grow up in a safe and happy environment. A domestic rabbit can be a wonderful companion for years on end, but the question is do you have to be a pet owner to take care of a rabbit? Here are some simple steps to taking care of a domestic rabbit.


Who should I get rabbit insurance from? This is something you should seriously consider as rabbit care becomes a more important issue. If you keep track of your pet's vaccinations, check them regularly for ticks and fleas, make sure the rabbit's ears are clean and free of any mites, and maintain proper grooming then you may want to consider getting a domestic rabbit insurance policy. It is important to note that rabbits do not receive the same health care coverage as a dog, so check into a policy that is similar to what you may have already been using.

Who should I take my rabbit to? Many people think this means visiting the veterinarian when they notice an ill rabbit. While it may be tempting to do so at times, however, it is a poor idea to neglect taking care of a sick rabbit. Domestic rabbits can be susceptible to illnesses like hay fever, intestinal parasites, distemper, and other diseases and are more likely to contract these than pets in their natural environment. As such, it is important to keep a close eye on the health of your pets. If you suspect one or more of these problems, see your veterinarian.

Who should I feed my rabbit? A common question, this can be easy if you know the answers. Rabbit owners who live in rural areas often find their pets have poor diets, due to the fact they spend much of their time outdoors. The best way to ensure a healthy diet is to avoid foods that have been cooked, especially those that are high in fat. As well as avoiding commercial treats, many pet owners also recommend mixing fresh vegetables and fruits in with their rabbit's food to ensure a healthier diet.

Who should I leave my rabbit with? This is an important decision to make for many people, because they feel that the rabbit will have more security if they are kept within the family home rather than being left outside. However, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your rabbit safe from predators while still letting him or her out, such as using a sturdy fence, locking the doors and windows to keep animals outside, and buying a pet door to keep your pet indoors.

Who should I feed my rabbit? There are plenty of foods to help provide your rabbit with the nutrition he or she needs, as long as you use the ones recommended by your vet and make sure your pet is not allergic to any ingredients.

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