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Pakistani Birds - Popular Breedings In The West


Pakistani Birds - Popular Breedings In The West

It seems like almost every bird lover out there has at one time or another come across pictures of a Pakistani bird. Whether it's the rare and endangered Baluchistan Fowl, the magnificent Balochistan Birds of Paradise or the gorgeous Pakistani Roseate Spoonbill, these are some of the most beautiful birds that you will ever see. There are even some species that have even made it to the US as well!

Pakistan Birds

The main reason that Pakistan birds have been brought over to the West is because of their natural environment. Pakistan is home to one of the most diverse bird populations in the world and this means that you will have more species to see, unlike many of the places where these birds have lived in the past.

Although it is very popular to have Pakistani Birds of Paradise, the Baluchistan Fowl and the Baluchistan Birds of Paradise, this is not the only species that is introduced into the West. There are several other species of birds, including the Indian Wild Duck, the Zebra Finch, the Baluchistan Finch, the Pakistani Wild Goose, the Baluchistan Heron, the Arabian Finch, the Baluchistan Woodpecker and the Baluchistan Warbler, which are all considered to be 'Pakistan Birds' by the USDA. These are just some of the examples that you will find of Pakistani birds around the United States.

Another thing that makes these birds so popular is the fact that many of them are now bred in captivity and have escaped from the wild due to their popularity. The exotic breeds that are being brought over include the Bengal Duck, the Zebra Finch, the African Grevy, the Pakistani Wild Duck, the Baluchistan Finch, the Pakistani Wild Goose, the Baluchistan Heron, the Arabian Finch, the Baluchistan Woodpeck, the Baluchistan Warbler, the Wild Duck, the Black Backed Duck and the Golden Plover.

Of course, there are some birds that are just not so popular breeds. For example, the Roseate Spoonbill is also known as the 'Rajasthani Snow-Called Hornbill', although it actually belongs to Australia. Other examples of birds that fall into this category are the Red-Tailed Owl, the Red-Tailed Deer Owl, the Red-shouldered Hawk, the Northern Puffbird and the Yellow-throated Warbler.

These birds are not the only ones that you can find around the US, though. You will find several different varieties of the Red-shouldered Hawk, the Red-necked Woodpeckers, the Zebra Finch and the Red-capped Pheasant as well.

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